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Accomplished Projects


No. Tên Thời gian Khách hàng Phạm vi công việc
 1  Vina Eco Board Factory  2011-2012  Sumitomo Forestry Co, Ltd  Fabrication and installation mechanical equipment: mixing glue tank, dust filter, cyclones, auxiliary equipment, ...
 2  National Conference Center Project  2005-2006  LILAMA Corporation  Fabrication và installation steel structure for National Conference Center Project
 3  Sai Gon Water supply System (stage 1)  2003-2004  Construction Corporation No 1  Installation of mechanical, production and electrical equipment for the Raw Water Supply Station in Hoa Phu, Cu Chi, HCMC
 4  Vietnam Glass Ceramic Plant - Binh Duong  2001-2003  LILAMA Corporation  Erection, fabrication and installation mechanical-electrical system
 5  Fabricating the Pendulum equipment  2006-2006  CS WIND TOWER Co.,LTD  Fabricating the Pendulum equipment
 6  Saudi Arabia Rabigh IWSP Project  2006-2007  MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD KOBE  Supply of materials, fabrication and export steel structure for the Electrostatic Precipitator for Rabigh IWSP Project to Saudi Arabia
 7  Fabrication equipment and export to Japan  2006-2007  MITSUBISHI-NAGASAKI  Fabricating and exporting the Boiler Non Pressure Part to Japan
 8  Japan Power Plant Project  2005-2006  MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD NAGASAKI  "HRSG Non Pressured Parts" exported to Japan
 9  The steel tower for wind turbine  2003-2004  Choong San Corporation  Fabrication of steel tower for wind turbine (export to Holland)
 10  Hai Van Pass Tunnel Construction Project  2003-2004  Matsushita Ecology Systems Co.,Lt  Fabrication of jet fan and fan parts
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