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No. Tên Thời gian Khách hàng Phạm vi công việc
 1  Hon Chong Cement Plant  1996-1999  KOBELCO & MVT  Fabrication of structure steel, silo, hopper, preheater, duct, stack...
 2  Ha Tien I Cement Plant (An Lac)  1996-1997  Ha Tien Cement Co.  Fabrication and installation of equipment
 3  Hai Phong Chingfon Cement Plant  1995-1996  Chingfon Group  Fabrication of steel structures, silo, hopper, preheater, ducts & stacks
 4  Cafe Outspan Vietnam Plant  2011-2012  Café Outspan Vietnam Co., Ltd  Fabrication and installation mechanical equipment: pipe, cyclones, auxiliary equipment, ...
 6  Bunge-Vietnam Soybean Processing Plant, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province  2010-2011  Bunge Vietnam Limited  Fabrication and installation of process piping system and pipe system for gas services. Installation of electrical
 7  Nghe An Milk Plant  2005-2005  Nghe An Joint Stock Company  Installation of equipment and accessories for Nghe An Milk Plant
 8  NUTIFOOD Milk Plant  2004-2005  Nutriton-Food Joint Stock Company  Fabrication and installation 01 water tank, 03 oil tanks for NUTIFOOD Plant
 9  VEDAN Production Factory  2004-2004  VEDAN Company  Hire the technical engineers and skilled workers to do the overhaul of Steam-Turbine MW inside of VEDAN Production Factory
 10  Interflour Mill  2002-2003  Interflour Vietnam LTD  Installation of flour mill equipment, silo, ship unloader
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