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Design - Fabrication

Mechanical Equipment




Conjunto Difusors

Project:  Manufacture Difusors ( Export )



Client: ZITRON


Year : 2018


Scope of Work: Manufacture, pre asembly, packaging and transportation of Conjunto Difusors


Outlet Gas Duct

Project: Export equipment of Outlet Gas Duct to Japan


Client: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries LTD.,


Year completed: 2006


Scope of work: Fabrication of HRSG equipment
Gate Valve

Project: Dăk Glun Hydropower Plant


Client:  Sai Gon Machinery Spare Parts Joint Stock Company


Year completed: 2011


Scope of work: Design, fabrication and installation of hydropower equipment, erection of energy line


Design Standard: AISC 360, Formula for Stress and Strain


+ Pressure Piping: Diameter: 3.7m; Length: 200m

+ Gate valve: Diameter: 3.7m; Height: 3.7 m  
Cyclone, Silos
 Coal Conveyor

Project: Vina Eco Board Company


Client:  Sumitomo Forestry Group (Janpan)


Year completed: 2011


Scope of work:  Fabrication and installation of Glue tank, Silos, Cyclone, ducting system, auxililary equipment, supports.


+  Volume: 260m³

+  Working Capacity: 140 m³ dust /hour

Project: Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Plant


Client: Song Hong Joint Stock Corporation, branch of Ho Chi Minh city


Year completed: 2011


Scope of work: Fabrication of Coal Conveyor System


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