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Design - Fabrication

Pressure Vessel and Tank


Vertical Pressure Vessel


Project: Gas Viet Nam Japan

Client: Gas Viet Nam Japan Ltd.

Design Codes and Standards: ASME VIII, Div. 1 

Year completed2011

Quantity: 5


1) Three vessels (Oxygen Storage) shall be marked  with the official Certification Mark with "U" Designator in accodance with ASME  Code

1.1) Two Vessels: Vertical; Diameter: 3 m; Height: 19 m; Design Pressure: 27 Bar.g; Capacity: 125 m³

1.2) One vessel: Torispherical Head; Inside Diameter: 3.4m Height: 2.829m; Design Pressure: 10 Bar.g; Capacity: 36 m³

2) Two vessels (Water Storage):

2.1) Ellipsodal Head; Inside Diameter: 1.55 m; Height: 24.14m; Design Pressure: 10 Bar.g; Capacity: 46.53 m³ 

2.2) Torispherical Head, Inside Diameter: 0.58 m; Height: 6.1m; Design Pressure 10 Bar.g; Capacity: 19 m³ 

Horizontal Pressure Vessel


Project: Gas Utilization Project - Phase 2- Onshore Facilities Project

Liquid Pipeline, Terminal & Jetty

Client: Petrovietnam Gas Company Limited (PV Gas)

Design Codes and Standards:  ASME VIII, Div. 1

Year completed2001

Quantity: 23


+ Type: Horizontal, underground; Torispherical Head; Length: 34 m; Diameter: 4.2 m;

+ Design Pressure: 17.25 Bar.g; Capacity: 50 m³

+ Function: LPG Storage 


Project: Phu My 2-1 Extension Thermal Power Plant.

Client: Siemen AG

Design Codes and Standards: API 650, API 620; AWWA D100, NFPA 22, AISC 360

Year completed: 2003

Quantity: 2


1) Oil Storage Tank:           

Diameter: 29.1 m; Height: 17.335 m; Capacity: 10,600 m³ 


2) Water Storge Tank:

Diameter: 14.53 m; Height: 12.78 m; Capacity: 2,000 m³


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